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The Rift Valley Water Services Board (RVWSB) is one of the eight water services Boards in Kenya, formed under the provision of the Water Act 2002. The Board was established through Kenya Gazette Notice No. 1715 of 12th March, 2004 and operates in a ten year lease issued by the regulator Water Services Regulatory Board (W.A.S.R.E.B), on 25th September 2009 after the fulfillment of a set of regulations. It was formed to ensure cost effective and sustainable provision of water and sanitation services within its operational areas in accordance to the Water Act of 2002.

  1. To increase access and coverage to safe water and sanitation services in urban and rural areas.
  2. To ensure efficient utility management and economical utilization of available water.
  3. To enhance the Board’s financial resource base to ensure operational sustainability.
  4. To strengthen the institutional capacity of the Board to meet its mandate.
  5. To minimize conflicts and disputes among water users.
  6. To mainstream cross-cutting issues
  7. To improve service Delivery in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

Its mandate is to ensure cost effective and sustainable provision of water and sanitation services in its area of jurisdiction as provided for by the Water Act 2002. The Board is operating on a 10 year license issued by the regulator on 25th September 2009 after a set of regulations were fulfilled. The Water Act 2002 provides that Water Service Providers will deliver services as agents of the Board. This arrangement is effected through Service Provision Agreements (SPA) that the Board enters into with its Service Providers and for which the providers pay an agency fee. The Board appointed 10 water Companies and 24 water societies.
To effectively fulfill its mandate, the board developed a ten year strategic plan inn 2005 to cover the period 2006 to 2015 with a target of attaining the Millennium Development Goals for water and sanitation sub-sector. The strategic plan also highlights the board’s corporate statements (Vision and Mission), strategic objectives and corporate values. In an effort to incorporate Vision 2030 into the board’s mandate, the strategic plan was reviewed in 2009.

To achieve excellence in the provision of quality water and sanitation services, and be the leading Water Service Board in the country.

To Provide efficient, adequate, sustainable and affordable water supply and sanitation services to all through continuous improvement and expansion

> To display integrity and good corporate governance in all Board affairs.
> To ensure customer satisfaction.
> To be excellent in performance and service delivery.